Motown Week on 'DWTS' proves the real dance duel is between Katherine Jenkins and William Levy!

It's Week 6 on Dancing with the Stars and last night, the remaining contestants showed off their old souls by jamming to Motown classics.  Tonight, the bottom two couples will face off in the second Dance Duel of the season to try and win the judge's save. But I think the real battle is actually between the top two teams in the competition: William Levy and Cheryl Burke and Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas.

Now that they're pretty far into the competition, both of these duos have emerged as the obvious frontrunners of the show and for good reason. Cuban telenovela heartthrob Levy is (swoon) sexy, charismatic and charming and has natural rhythm, largely due to his Latin roots. Jenkins is bubbly, cute, and has won over the judges with her elegant lines and enthusiasm while dancing.  Plus, both have really great choreographers and previous Mirror Ball champs for partners!


So who will win? They each face stiff competition amongst other rising contestants, like Donald Driver, who has shown consistent improvement every week, and Jaleel White, who worked his way back to the top last night after being in the bottom two last week. And to survive the unpredictable voting, they'll need to continue outshining everybody else with captivating performances.

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 I'm totally biased because I've been on Team Fuego since the beginning, but I think if William Levy can manage to combine the intensity he brought in his tango, the gracefulness he brought in his quickstep, and the sex appeal he brings into, well, everything, he'll manage to take over and keep the lead. Hey if he did it once, he can do it all again right?

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As for tonight, the ones lucky enough to make it past the Dance Duel will have to prepare themselves for next week's classic-themed performances.

Who do you think will be the top two couples in the finals?

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