Baby and puppy show each other love by swapping kisses! (VIDEO)

There's nothing like the love between a kid and their pet! In this cute video, a 10-month-old girl and her also 10-month-old Dachshund, Susie, show each other some serious love, indulging in a slightly gross but kinda sweet kissing session!

As the toddler sits on the floor with the pooch and begins to squeeze and hug her a little too tightly (the way young kids always do), Susie the puppy begins licking her face like a maniac.


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The more the little girl giggles and squirms, the more the dog attacks her with love. At some point, a lady (presumably her mom) even has to interfere and pull the pup's head away because she's licking the girl's mouth!

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Though the whole interaction is probably more than a little germy, both baby and puppy are so adorable and innocent that you can't help but laugh. It's just such pure, gushy affection!

Watch the video here:

Would you ever let this happen with your child and dog?

Image via YouTube