La La Anthony shows real-life daters how to 'Think Like a Man'

As a woman, I've often looked at members of the opposite sex and wondered what the hell is going on in their heads. On Friday, the world will get the chance to find out with the release of Think Like a Man, which features an ensemble cast including Latina mom, La La Anthony, Gabrielle Union and Taraji Henson.

Based off Steve Harvey's bestselling book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, the movie offers viewers a peek into the brain of a guy and shows women how to handle common problems they face in the dating world, like the "mama's boy" or the "player".  The film follows the ladies as they read the book and try to apply the rules to their actual love life.


Some nuggets of wisdom straight from Harvey? Make partners wait 90 days before having sex, go outdoors whenever you're having an argument because nature is "sexy," and don't relinquish too much power to men just because you're afraid of running them off. Oh and we can't forget his key to creating a marriage that lasts--picking your battles. "You can be happy or you can be right," he said. Um, he might be on to something here!

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Haha! Though I'm not sure how realistic some of Harvey's philosophies are, I have to admit the concept behind both the book and the film is intriguing. I mean, who at one time or another hasn't wished for the ability to see into their partner's mind? And apparently, even the actors from the film found Harvey's theories educational. ""If I learned something from the book and the movie, it's to put emotions to the side," Anthony told ABC Radio.

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So do these rules actually work in the real world? Personally, I'm not sure that there any set of guidelines on the face of this Earth that could make dating and relationships easy! But who knows? Guess you have to try them (or see the movie) to find out!

See what La La has to say about the film:

Are you going to go see the movie this weekend?

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