Happy 4/20! Cheech & Chong's most HIGHLARIOUS moments

Happy 4/20 ya'll! Do you have any idea what I'm even talking about? Well, in case you don't, today is a holiday that many here in the U.S. have been celebrating for years in honor of that oh-so-popular illegal plant--cannabis.

Yes ma'am, today is a day for pot smokers all over the country to rejoice! And for tons of cops to get super frustrated by the seeming amnesia (hey it comes with the territory, right?) of so many weed lovers of the illegality of their activities.

Officials at the University of Colorado, Boulder have even taken the drastic measure of laying down pungent, foul-smelling, fish-based fertilizer in common gathering areas in an attempt to curtail one of the nation's largest campus celebrations of marijuana.


I find the whole thing HIGHLARIOUS (ha! get it?), mainly because it's hard to figure out how this silly holiday even started. The most accepted story says that a group of high schools stoners in San Rafael, CA started the whole phenomenon and that the Grateful Dead helped spread the term across this great country of ours. The rest, as they say, is history...

So, will UC Boulder's efforts to curtail this time-honored celebration work? Who knows? What I do know is that Latinos have a long history of celebrating ganja, pot, weed, wacky tobacky--whatever you'd like to call it--though this in no way means we endorse it or in any way encourage anyone to indulge, of course.

Pioneers of this tradition are our very own beloved comedians Richard "Cheech" Marin and Tommy Chong, who have blazed a trail of stoner comedy since the 1970s with their first iconic film, Up in Smoke.

Here are four of their most funniest moments ever:

Their first ever toke in Up in Smoke

Performing "Mexican Americans"

Cheech & Chong at the Welfare office

Cheech & Chong share their best story EVER

Happy 4/20! Do you love Cheech & Chong?

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