Otters play tag with a toddler at the zoo! (VIDEO)

We've already proved that there's pretty much nothing more heartwarming than seeing babies and animals together. It's just a fact of life! And now we're confirming it once again with this super cute video of a girl playing with otters at the Philadelphia Zoo.

In the clip, a sweet little girl stands close to the tank, watching the otters swim around. She begins to run from one end of the tank to other and apparently, the otters also think she's cute because they start swimming after her! In fact, they even seem to be playing up their charm for her, turning and flipping in the water whenever she pauses.


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As they move from side to side, the otters also keep hilariously crashing into the dead ends of the tank. And of course, as she runs, the young girl is giggling like a maniac! So adorable and funny! Maybe we have a future marine biologist in the making?

Watch the whole clip here:

Do you kids like going to the zoo or playing with animals?

Image via YouTube