Jessica Sanchez proves to America why she deserved to be saved on 'American Idol'

Remember last week when people (foolishly!) almost eliminated Latina contestant Jessica Sanchez from American Idol? Well this week, Sanchez basically slapped the world in the face with her vocal ability, once again proving to the world why she was worth saving.

The 16-year-old returned to the stage with a vengeance. In order to fit the" Now and Then" theme of the night, contestants had to sing two songs--one that had reached number one the charts from 2000 on and another old-school, soul track.  

Sanchez first sang Alicia Key's "Fallin'," putting her own emotional spin on the well-worn single. And though last week's shocking almost elimination must have surely left her feeling a little shaky, she didn't show any nerves. In fact, she absolutely nailed it! Both the audience and all three judges showered her with applause and praise.


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"I'm so glad that you're still here with us, I'm glad we had a save and I'm glad we used it on you," Jennifer Lopez said, "You did a great job tonight!"

Fellow judge Randy Jackson agreed, saying, "Amen! It was so the right thing for us to do. I hope America shows up and supports you this week."

Seriously America! I never thought I'd say this, but please LISTEN TO RANDY. And if you need any more convincing, all you have to do is watch to her other performance. For her second song, Sanchez chose Otis Redding's "A Little Tenderness," and once again the girl (who, by the way, is way too young to really know the background of this song) proved that she can really, really sing.  

"Good god almighty bless my soul, you've done it again!" Steven Tyler shouted.

"I think we got a little bit of your alter ego there. BB Chez!" Lopez said. Side note: Now that we're on the topic of J.Lo--seriously, what the heck is she wearing? Doesn't she know that those strips of fabrics don't at all hide her boobs?! But I digress. The superstar also suggested that while Sanchez's vocal ability is amazing, she needs to work on connecting more with the songs and Jackson agreed, saying she needs to improve on the emotional level of her performances. 

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What?! I knew Randy and I wouldn't agree for too long. I mean, what more does this girl need to do? She can already sing the socks off tons of already famous artists, including Lopez (Wouldn't you love to see that match-up? So much diva on one stage!)--what more could they possibly want from a 16-year-old, for real?

America, I hope you've gotten your act together and will back Sanchez up in time for tonight's results show. She, without question, deserves a spot in the finals.

 Will you be watching tonight's elimination round? Who are you voting for?

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