Jennifer Lopez announces world tour with Enrique Iglesias, may have insured her butt for $6 million

Super exciting news for Latin music fans: it's just been revealed that Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias will be embarking on a joint worldwide tour, starting in June of this year. Wow, JLo's first worldwide tour and with another superstar like Iglesias, no less– can you imagine how hot that going to be?!

Though the actual dates haven't been officially set yet, the tour will kick off in Venezuela and go to more than 60 cities with US shows starting sometime in mid-July. And fans can definitely expect amazing performances from both singers. After all, this is the queen diva herself and the man who, according to Billboard, was the Latin singer that raked in the most money in 2012. All that celebrity and mega glam is sure to make for a great show! Plus, if Lopez's 'Dance Again' video is any indication, the concert will also be chock-full of some seriously sexy dances.


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The announcement comes right on the heels of reports that after years of rumors, Lopez has actually gone ahead and paid around 6 million dollars to get her best asset insured- her rear end! And though I admit that would be pretty silly and ridiculous if true, I still wouldn't be all that surprised. I mean, it's Jennifer Lopez! If she can't get away with that, who can?

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Reportedly, Lopez herself will be holding a press conference to announce the the tour some time in the next few days.

Will you buy tickets to go see Lopez and Iglesias in concert?

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