'Dancing with the Stars' men: Who's left and will one become the winner?

The competition on last night's Dancing with the Stars intensified when the show held its first ever Dance Duel!  The battle came down to the two bottom couples, Jaleel White and Kym Johnson and Gavin Degraw and Karina Smirnoff. But though both men danced their hearts out, White ended up winning the judge's save, sending Degraw home. Now the question is – will one of the remaining male contestants be the final victor?

After both couples performed simultaneously to the same song, the judges unanimously chose White as the winner, eliminating Degraw from the competition. "It's not about your favorite couple or the couple you feel sorry for," Len Goodman explained of the save. "It's all about the dancing."


But though I admit I was sad to see Degraw (he's so sweet and goofy! How can you not love him?), I have to say I agree with the judge's ultimate decision to send him home. His very shaky samba on Monday combined with his average Dance Duel performance just weren't up to par, especially with so many other talented stars in the game. So which guys are left now that one's gone and one's been saved?

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Right now, the obvious frontrunner among the men is Cuban stud William Levy…and well, is there any doubt as to why? Between his stellar looks, his sexy accent, and his natural rhythm, he pretty much has all of America wrapped around his fingers --including the judges!

Loveable Disney star Roshon is also a good performer, but has recently found himself in the bottom due to lack of votes. Meanwhile, his fellow male contestants, Donald Driver and Jaleel White (who was just saved) have pretty much found themselves constantly in the middle to low range of the leaderboard.

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Next week is Motown Week so the remaining four male stars will have to go old-school in order to duke it out against each other and the top female contestants, like Katherine Jenkins and Maria Menonous. Who will go home? Only time (and another Dance Duel) will tell!

Image via ABC

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