Shakira forgot the words to her National Anthem, and so did these 4 celebs (VIDEO)

Shakira can now add her name to yet another distinguished list: Grammy winner, Presidential appointee, forgetter of the lyrics to her National Anthem.

Yes, sadly, Shaki is just the latest celeb to mess up the lyrics to her anthem in a very public setting. The proud Colombian was singing in Cartagena at the VI Summit of the Americas (also known as the reason that Obama was in Colombia and where his secret service guards ended up pissing off a local prostitute) when the gaffe occurred.

I mean, she sang the song great, as she always does, but according to HuffPost Latino Voices, she mistakenly sang "El surco de dolores" instead of "En surcos de dolores," and "La libertad de sublibe" instead of "La libertad sublime". Minor mistakes I know--most folks probably didn't even pick them up, but nevertheless, she joins the infamous ranks of other celebs who have also messed up their National Anthems.

Poor Shakira, how embarrassing. But let's not be too hard on her, these four Latino stars have done the exact same thing. Hey, at least she is in distinguished company, right?:

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¡Que verguenza que haya olvidado el himno!!


How embarrassing! I can't excuse Xtina's gaffe for the National Anthem and her personal issues. I remember Jennifer Hudson singing the National Anthem so beautifully just months after her mother, brother and nephew were murdered. 

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