Did William Levy live up to hype on 'Dancing with the Stars' Latin week? (VIDEOS)

Last night on Dancing with the Stars, contestants had to face the sexiest, and perhaps the most challenging, theme of the entire competition--Latin week! Though the episode brought some absolutely killer performances (did you see William Levy's tango?!), I have to admit as a Latina, I was a little disappointed with the authenticity of the whole thing.

Latin week has been a standard on DWTS since its beginning and is widely known as an audience favorite. But while I love that the show attempts to turn up by the heat by bringing some Hispanic flavor to the ballroom, there were some aspects of last night's show that, in my opinion, fell short. One thing that could have definitely been improved? The music!


Seriously, some of the tracks that the contestants were danced to were just plain bizarre. How in the world are you supposed to dance the Argentine tango to the freaking Pussycat Dolls (as Levy did)? I barely consider that music, let alone Latin music!

Though I can understand wanting to challenge the contestants, matching the background tune to the dance makes the overall experience exponentially better for both the dancers and the audience. And what makes the whole thing even more annoying is that on earlier seasons, they actually did use actual salsa, tango, etc songs. Oh, how I miss the the good old days! Not all of the contestants music choices were as unfortunate– Maria Menounos and Derek Hough got to salsa to Ricky Martin!

In fact, their dance brings me to my next issue with yesterday's performances. Latin dance is all about intensity, not necessarily overtly desperate passion--which is why I absolutely hated Menounos and Hough's kiss in the middle of the dance! Cheesy stunts like that totally ruin everything. Even judge Carrie Ann Inaba agreed, telling the duo the kiss was unnecessary! Other performances were much less gimmicky (thank God!) but for me the damage was done.

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Latin night could've been more, well, Latin, but it wasn't all bad. Carlos Santana performing was a nice touch, although I wish the audience got to see a little bit more of him. And some contestants, like Katherine Jenkins who tied for first place, truly did live up to the hype, showing off a new, more aggressive side of themselves.

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So what can we expect to see on tonight's results show? Viewers can look forward to a few more Latin touches, including Selena Gomez taking the stage to perform. The two bottom couples will also be participating in the first ever Dance Duel, in which both teams will dance simultaneously and then judges will choose which one to save. Looks like things are definitely about to get interesting!

Will you be watching tonight's results show?

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