Christina Aguilera makes another bad choice about men on 'The Voice'

WHAT! I am still completely in shock. I mean I literally have idea how or what happened in the last 5 minutes of live quarterfinals on The Voice last night but all I can say is, damn Christina Aguilera, I understand your taste in men less than I understand your taste in clothes.

SPOILER ALERT: I am totally going to give away what happened on the show last night so if you haven't watched, stop reading now unless you want to know the results. Also be forewarned I am PISSED and may rant a little.


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So the show started out with Blake Shelton and Christina (side note: Why does this man look so awkward holding a microphone? It's like he is holding a 6-foot-long spear). finding out that in a new twist, they were going to have to eliminate one of their contestants on the spot at the end of the show. Thus, the performers were warned that they better bring it. Some of the performances in the live rounds this season have been down right crappy and not so download-able, so I'm sure producers wanted to up the pressure on the contestants. OK, fine, do what you must--America rarely votes right anyway, as shown last week by Jessica Sanchez's near elimination (then save) on American Idol.

Jesse Campbell started the night out strong with Beyonce's "Halo"--a song that was not suited for him that Xtina insisted on--but the performance itself was one of the most emotional of the evening, with pictures of his daughter flashing on the stage and Jesse looking surprisingly young and studly. Team Christina's team ended the night with a less-than-great performance from Chris Mann of Coldplay's "Viva la Vida", an incredibly fun and upbeat song that Mann somehow made depressing. Other standouts included Team Blake's (and show closer) Jermaine Paul and Team Christina's Lindsey Pavao who sang Katy Perry's "Part of Me". I will give Pavao this, she really made the song her own, ala Dia Frampton from last season.

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At the end of the night Christina started blathering on about picking people who showed growth and who she could work with and that she knew she might make enemies--honestly it was the longest diatribe ever and it meant Blake had no time to talk to his team--but you thought for sure what was about to happen was that 18-year-old Ashley De La Rosa was going home even though it was her birthday and then bam! Christina shows her unbelievably bad decision making skills and sends home JESSE CAMPBELL! The look on fellow judge Adam Levine's face (who had called Jesse out as a favorite to win the show just an hour and half before) said it all. WHAT. THE. HELL. ARE. YOU. THINKING?

For about 5 seconds I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe her strategy was forward thinking since it looks like the finals would have likely been between Jesse and Team Cee Lo's Jamar Rogers (my personal fave) and Jesse couldn't actually beat Jamar--a better singer with a more touching story.  But no, she was just being Christina, wearing bad shorts and picking the wrong guy. Bad move girl, no one on your team can win now, no matter how much opera Chris Mann pulls out.

What did you think about Christina's decision to elimate Jesse Campbell last night?!

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