Kids & chores: The good, the bad and the giggly (VIDEOS)

Kids and chores don't always mix too well. Depending on the age, asking kids to help out around the house can elicit either an eager, giggly "OK Mommy" or a scary, earth-shaking temper tantrum. Case in point: these videos that show young children having very different reactions to household tasks!


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Meet Kayla and Kari, the 2-year-old twins who are super helpful when it comes to cleaning up around the house. As a matter of fact, these little ones seem to be having as much fun cleaning up as they did making the mess. It's so cute the way the little girls encourage each other! "Good job Kayla!" Awww...

In the second video, a 3-year-old girl (apparently in dire need of a nap) is asked to help clear off the table by taking her teeny bowl and spoon to the sink. What results is a super funny Oscar-worthy performance in which the toddler pretends the bowl is too heavy to carry the sink. She's clearly got a dramatic streak, and it's hard not to laugh at her little scrunched face as she pretends to use all her might to pick up the plate. Sigh. Kids!

In this clip, an adorable baby boy erupts in cute giggles as his mom pretends to vacuum him. As she presses the vacuum tube against his little shirt, he laughs hysterically. Clearly, he is having the time of his time! The whole thing is so cute--and probably the best motivation ever for vacuuming!


How do your kids react to household chores?

Image via YouTube