Will William Levy's ankle injury take him out of 'Dancing with the Stars' competition?

The moment has come we've all been waiting for ladies, it's Latin week on Dancing with the Stars!!! Cuban star William Levy is set to sweep his fellow contestants and take over the leaderboard....um, that is, if he can even dance! The heartthrob announced an ankle injury yesterday on Twitter, causing all of his fans (including myself) to almost faint with disappointment. No more weekly fixes of a shirtless Levy shaking his hips? And right before Latin week?! Say it ain't so! But luckily, reports say that the telenovela star will in fact be dancing on tonight's episode. 

Levy first told followers of his injury on Sunday, tweeting "Just Wanted to let u know that I injured my right ankle pretty bad during rehearsal…MRI tomorrow. I'll let u all know … Love u all." This comes right on the heels of his not-so-great rock performance last week, when he and partner Cheryl Burke fell into the bottom three couples for the first time since the competition began.


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However, Levy supporters can breathe a sigh of relief. DWTS professional dancer Louis Van Amstel told Hollywood.com that Levy will be back for tonight's dance, despite his injury.  "When you're on the show and you injure yourself in a normal circumstance, you would take a few weeks off--but the adrenaline rush of being on Dancing with the Stars, having so many fans watching, the adrenaline itself makes you so strong mentally that you just push through," he said.

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Yay!! Halleluiah! I would be so disappointed if he had to miss a dance due to a hurt ankle, especially this week when the theme so perfectly coincides with his cultural background. Hopefully, the injury won't prevent him from performing to his best ability because personally, I can't wait to see him bring more of that Latin flavor to the ballroom. Maybe he'll even FINALLY take that top spot! I think it's about time we see him at number one, don't you?

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