Jose Canseco is just as dumb about the Titanic as all those people who didn't realize it was real

Shamed baseball star and self-professed climate control authority, Jose Canseco has once again gifted the world with his scientific insights. This time, Canseco took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the sinking of the Titanic--and how he believes global warming could have prevented the tragedy from happening--proving that all those idiots on Twitter who never realized that the Titanic actually happened and wasn't just a big budget James Cameron film aren't alone.

The rant took place on the 100th anniversary of the shipwreck and Canseco (clearly on a battle to become the Yoda of Twitter) acknowledged the date by tweeting out this nugget of wisdom:  "Titanic 100 years wOw. Global warming could've saved titanic. Sad to say."

He went on to further explain his theory, "Because we don't recycle and consume like crazy icicles are non existent. Titanic would've still existed today."  Um…huh?


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When followers presumably expressed their confusion, Canseco went on the defensive, laying out his thesis in a way even us dimwitted laymen can understand. "You clowns it's very simple," he wrote. "With global warming the weather is hotter so the icebergs could be melted and titanic saved."Ohhh! Of course! What silly clowns we are.

And to make matters worse (better? Funnier? Crazier? I'm not even sure how to describe this), Canseco also managed to liken the Titanic to a period of his own life. "Titanic reminds me of the days I had two yachts in Miami but no icicles," he said. He's right, those two things sound EXACTLY alike! If only it wasn't for those darn icicles!  

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This is just the latest in a long list of strange behavior from Canseco, who honestly seems to have completely lost all sense of sanity since the end of his baseball days. Maybe it's time for a hobby other than Twitter, Jose. What about reading? Perhaps a book on what global warming really is? Either way, I'd suggest becoming a Twitter follower of his if only because his psychotic, I mean scientific, rants are sure to make you feel like a genius. Or a "clown." Either way.

Images via Jose Canseco/twitter, Getty Images

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