My dinner date with Ryan Gosling

I never get starstruck. Wait, I never used to get starstruck--that is up until last night, when I went out to dinner with a friend and we happened to be seated right next to Ryan Gosling!

All of a sudden, I was consumed by this ridiculous feeling of excitement that prevented me from behaving normally in any way, shape, or form.

I was so happy to see Ryan Gosling (I love him, I mean, who doesn't?) that I stopped paying attention to my friend Arturo, even though we were catching up for the first time in forever. Who can talk about everyday lives filled with errands, kids throwing tantrums, fights, tears and such disasters, when when Ryan Gosling is sitting right next to you?! I couldn't stop thinking that underneath his t-shirt were those amazing abs I saw in Crazy Stupid Love. It was plain impossible to concentrate on anything else. Can you even blame me?


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I live in NYC so I have gotten used to seeing celebrities everywhere. Unlike LA, stars in this town act as normal as well as all of the "regular" people around them. So no one was really paying that much attention to Ryan in the restaurant, except my gay friend and I. We were totally and unapologetically staring at him.

I started stressing about impressing him, and, shockingly enough, trying hard not to act stupid can unfortunately lead to just this: the terrible star-struck-immature-teenage-groupie behavior myself and my friend no doubt displayed.

Yes, I did tell him he was awesome (who says "awesome" to adults?) and I also told him I love his films (lame) and I also told him I was indeed "starstruck" by him (God help me). I should've remained quiet and mysterious but no, I was back to being 16 years old, except back then I probably would've been able to act way cooler.

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Although everyone says celebrities are just people like us, they are actually "better". Aside from their extremely good looks, they make millions of dollars and lead amazing fairy tale lives. That's why I love hysterical statements from fans like "He looked right at me!" Having a celebrity smile at us shouldn't actually make us feel important. Isn't it amazing how insanely stupid this is?

The fact that Ryan Gosling is so damn good looking didn't help the situation. In some weird way the starstruck-ness became awkward sexual tension for me, a manifestation of my embarrassment about having had fantasies about him after watching his films. I'm not talking about sexual fantasies here chicas, oh no, I'm talking about deep-and-eternal-in-love-with-Ryan-Gosling fantasies. You know, like the kind you see in his movies.

Yes, in my mind Ryan took my hand and told me he loved me and that he wanted me more than any other star in Hollywood. Kids included. Now how awesome is that?

Oops, I said awesome again. Damn. I STILL might really be starstruck.

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