Amazingly skillful dog can jump rope double dutch-style! (VIDEO)

I've already admitted I'm a dog lover but this pooch totally reinforces my affection! In what is probably the coolest video I've ever seen, this pup shows not just how cute he is, but also how talented by--drum roll please --jumping rope!  How awesome is that?!


As can be seen in the clip, the dog jumps rope perfectly, keeping an impressive time and rhythm with his leaps. But the craziest part? He's doing double dutch, as in jumping over two ropes turning in opposite directions at the same time.  Amazing! I'm fairly certain that this dog is a better jump roper than I am. Actually, I'm positive he is!

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In all seriousnes though, have you ever seen a dog as skilled as this? I wish I could get either of my two pooches to do this. But in reality they're so spoiled, I can barely get them to sit on command!

Don't believe me? See the amazing, jump-roping dog for yourself here:

Image via YouTube