Would you 'dance like nobody's watching' in a crowded mall? (VIDEO)

Have you ever been listening to a favorite song on your iPod and just wished you could break out into dance? I almost always listen to music throughout the day and I constantly find myself wanting to randomly bust a move in public, but my fear of looking like a total crazy person (usually) keeps me from doing so. Well, I guess not everyone is as shy. Actress Angela Trimbur certainly didn't let timidity stop her from shaking what her mama gave her in this absolutely hilarious video!


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In this super funny clip, Trimbur stands in the middle of a crowded California mall, listening to a walkman (side note: I didn't know people still used those!). As the song "Fancy Footwork" by Chromeo begins to play, she starts dancing like crazy, shimmying around a planted palm tree and slinging her arm around an innocent patron as he walks by. The whole thing is hysterical! Seriously, I wish I had the nerve to do this!

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And this isn't Trimbur's first time showing the world her moves. She pulled the same stunt in a laundromat last year!

Watch both videos, starting with the most recent one, below:  

Would you ever dance like this in public?

Image via YouTube

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