'American Idol': Jessica Sanchez saved by judges after facing SHOCKING elimination

America, I have one thing to say: You are SO CRAZY!!! At least, that's the only conclusion I can come to after seeing that Latina contestant Jessica Sanchez was at the bottom of American Idol's elimination rounds last night. In a shocking twist, the 16-year-old found herself in jeopardy, but not for too long--the three judges quickly (and wisely) used their only save to keep her in the competition!

Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson came to Sanchez's rescue almost immediately, even rushing the stage just seconds after the vocalist started performing her "save song" (which contestants sing in hopes of convincing the judges to keep them through another round).


All the judges were stunned when host Ryan Seacrest announced that Sanchez was in danger of going home, particularly Lopez, whose famous face broke out in a look of total disbelief. But that shock only spurred them into action. The three got on stage and interrupted Sanchez mid-song to utilize the one save they get in each season, which must be used before the competition gets to the top 5.

An angry Lopez even grabbed the mic from her, saying "This is crazy! Yes we are using that save! You ain't going home! Go sit down."

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Jackson was equally frustrated, taking the mic to tell the audience, "We are saving Jessica without any doubt. Let me just say this, for myself, Steven and Jennifer, this girl is one of the best singers in America!"

Um, for once, Randy and I agree! What the heck is wrong with you, America? Have you heard this girl sing? She's amazing and more talented, by far, than half of the artists currently on the radio right now. I can't believe that she was almost voted off, particularly after her impressive performance the previous night!

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Thankfully, the judges (unlike America, apparently!) recognize true talent and kept her in the competition. I just hope we never have to see Sanchez in the bottom again. As she has proven with each performance, she truly does deserve a spot in the finals!

No contestant went home last night, which means there are still seven left in the competition.

Watch Lopez and the other two judges storm the stage to save Sanchez:

Do you think Sanchez deserves to stay in the competition?

Image via FOX

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