Esperanza Spalding rocks 'The Daily Show' & makes me a fan! (VIDEO)

I admit I didn't know much about Esperanza Spalding before the 2012 Academy Awards show, when she rocked the Oscars' In Memoriam tribute with her beautiful rendition of "What a Wonderful World". But I mostly forgot about her after that (I'm not much of a music person), until she appeared on last night's episode of The Daily Show alongside Jon Stewart. Talking about her new album, Radio Music Society, and explaining to Jon the difference in bass players, she came off as approachable and adorable. But it was her beautiful voice as she sang "Crowned & Kissed" that made me a fan.


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The gorgeous Afro-Latina's voice soared as she played the song. Although I had learned a lot about her during Black History Month, since her father is African-American while her mother was Welsh, Hispanic and Native American and was super impressed by her education (she graduated from Berklee College of Music at age 20 and was hired to be one of the youngest professors in the college history before leaving her post to pursue music full-time in 2006), I never paid attention to her musical accomplishments.

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It's mainly because when it comes to listening to music, I'm top 40 pop all the way. Although I've listened to jazz in the past, it's never really captured my attention. But it turns out one of Esperanza's biggest fans, none other than President Obama, was totally right! After I heard her singe "Crowned & Kissed" I'm definitely going to be picking up new CD. She's turned me on to a whole new genre of music and I'm so thankful for that! Check her out below and you will just what I'm talking about:

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Did you love Esperanza Spalding's performance on The Daily Show?

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