'American Idol' contestant Jessica Sanchez takes a chance on "Stuttering" (VIDEO)

The youngest contestant left on American Idol, Jessica Sanchez, once again blew away the judges with her performance on Wednesday night's episode. The 16-year-old Latina and the other six singers that make up the top 7 were challenged to perform songs from the last three years and boy, did she deliver!

Sanchez made a risky move, choosing a jazzy (and less well-known) Jazmine Sullivan track "Stuttering" as her song for this week. But her bold decision definitely paid off. Her soulful rendition was enough to make the three judges practically fall over with praise. Aerosmith star Steven Tyler was particularly taken with her.  

"Every time I hear you sing I forget where I am," he said. He even compared the aspiring star to fellow judge and one of pop culture's biggest divas, Jennifer Lopez!


You had the nerve to sing a great song and you had the nerve to wear Jennifer's shoes," Tyler said of the singer's sky-high black heels.

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Lopez herself called the performance "really beautiful" but said she'd like to see Sanchez do something really unique. "You can do it," she said. "You can show us something we've never seen!"

Every time I catch another one of Sanchez's performances, I am left utterly speechless. For such a young girl, she has such impressive maturity and control in her voice. It's like she's been singing for decades!

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And though Sanchez is already a front-runner in the competition, I think this performance was a breakthrough moment for her simply because the song choice was so different! It shows she has a range and versatility that many singers don't. At the very least, I think her version of the song was more than good enough to carry her through the next elimination round --and to show the world that she deserves a spot in the finals!

 What did you think of Sanchez's performance?

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