Caine's Arcade: Latino boy genius builds his own arcade out of cardboard! (VIDEO)

Who knew 9-year-olds could be entrepreneurs? That's definitely the case when it comes to Los Angeles boy Caine Monroyhe built an arcade out of cardboard in his father's auto body shop!

Monroy used cardboard, packing tape, and some of his own toys to create the amazingly inventive game room all by himself. The boy genius even devised a security system, using calculators to make sure customers don't abuse the "fun passes" he sells in order to allow entrance to the arcade.


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But though Monroy thought of everything, his business didn't take off until filmmaker Nirvan Mullick stumbled across his creation while purchasing a car door. In awe of the 9-year-old's ingenuity, he decided to chronicle the boy's venture on film and ended up turning him into an overnight viral sensation.

Now, the Facebook page of Caine's Arcade has over 30,000 likes and a website in his name has been created to give people hours and directions of the arcade. The site also accepts donations for a college fund for Monroy and has already raised over 65k.

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Wow! I'm pretty sure when I was nine I was too busy playing with my friends to even imagine, let alone build, my own business venture. This kid is sure going to have an edge when it comes to applying to colleges –just think of how good this will look on his resume!

Learn more about Cain's Arcade here:

What do you think of the young boy's invention?

Image via Vimeo