Why do the kids have so many days off in the spring? Spring break, state tests, holidays--it seems like they are never in school. What are you supposed to do with them?

I'm still a big fan of actually going to the movies. And while I know how RIDICUOULSLY expensive it can be, I still think there is a thrill about being taken to a movie during a weekday and getting to eat junk food before dinner.

Here, three movies you and your kids would both be happy to see:


Chimpanzee opening Earth Day, 2012
This Disney Nature movie, from the guys who made Planet Earth, is about a chimp, Oscar, who loses his family and gets adopted by an older, lonely male chimp. The trailer made me cry.

Pirates! Band of Misfits, opening April 27
A pirate captain (voiced by Hugh Grant) takes his crew on an adventure to be Pirate of the Year. What kid doesn't love a pirate? What mom doesn't love a pirate with an English accent?

The Avengers, opening May 4, 2012
Just accept it, you will be seeing the superhero movie to end all superhero movies or you will be nagged to death by your husband and your children. Good thing it looks like fun.

Happy viewing!

What movie are you looking forward to seeing this spring?

Image via Disney Nature

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