5 reasons why William Levy will definitely make it to the finals on 'Dancing with the Stars!'

Rock Week on Dancing with the Stars was full of twists--from shaky performances to the surprise elimination that sent Sherri Shepard home, even though she wasn't the lowest scorer! So what does this mean for all the other contestants? They should all be nervous going into the next few elimination rounds!

That is, except for our favorite Cuban stud, William Levy. Though his dance was a little rocky this past week, we won't be seeing him head home any time soon. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why we think he'll make it all the way to the finals! Here's why DWTS fans should expect to see Levy battling out for that final Mirror Ball trophy:


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1. The audience loves him. No really. Do you hear that roar from the crowd when he walks onto the floor? It's loud - like really, super, insanely loud. Even host Tom Bergeron jokes about it, often telling the viewers at home to cover their ears! And Levy's partner Cheryl Burke just told PEOPLE magazine that she couldn't believe the reaction. "I have never heard it that loud in there," she said. "He's like a rock star!"

2. He has a hardcore fan base across cultures. Those who have followed him from his telenovela days are supporting him more than ever now that he has embarked on his dancing ventures. But, he has also gained millions of admirers (mostly female for obvious reasons) outside of the Latino community now that he has crossed over into mainstream media.  Case in point: he's on the cover of this week's issue of PEOPLE, with a caption that calls him the "hottest man on TV!!" With all that love, how can he possibly lose?!

3. He's a favorite among the judges. Seriously, Carrie Ann, Len, and especially Bruno are like putty in his strong, muscular hands! So even if it does come to the unthinkable and Levy does somehow end up in the bottom 2 couples, it's likely that they'll save him with the new "Dance Duel" feature that they'll be introducing next week.

4. That smile. Have you seen that smile? Combined with that face and those twelve-pack abs (which have started making an appearance during his shirtless dances) and it's impossible for anyone to resist.

5. He's relatable. Underneath all those ridiculously good looks, there's a funny, loveable guy who is still clearly clueless when it comes to American pop culture references. One hilarious example? He got to meet members of KISS as part of the show's rock theme this week and he had no idea who they were! "I was like, who are these ugly guys?" he said. And he also had never before heard the track he jived to Twisted Sisters' "We're Not Gonna Take It" since he says he barely listens to American music. Aw, how can you not empathize? 

Do you think William Levy will make it to the DWTS finals?

Images via ABC, People Magazine

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