Adorable baby learns how to fake sneeze--hilarity ensues (VIDEO)

One of the many reasons why babies are so sweet and funny is because they're amused by everything. All you have to do is make a silly face and they erupt into peals of giggles! Take the adorable little boy in today's cute baby video -- his dad's fake sneezing is enough to send him into absolute hysterics.


In the hilarious clip, dad holds baby on his lap and acts out a loud, dramatic sneeze.  His son is endlessly amused by this, not only laughing hysterically, but also trying to imitate his father by making a few fake sneezing attempts of his own.  Even his older sister joins in on the theatrics, with the whole trio "achoo-ing" and laughing in unison.

The whole video –especially the baby's charming fits of laughter—is enough to make your heart melt…or at the very least, bring a much-needed dose of cuteness and fun to your day!

Watch the whole thing here:

What do you think of the video?

Image via YouTube