Dear Lisa Lampanelli: It's NEVER OK to call ANYONE a "spic"!

I consider myself lucky that I have never really been the victim of any blatant racism. Sure, there's been a few comments here and there but for the most part I have never been hated just for the fact that I'm Latina.

I'd never even heard the word "spic" until I saw it aimed at Diego Luna's character in Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights.

Luckily, this slur in particular is pretty antiquated. Although it was used pretty heavily in the 1950s to offend people of Hispanic heritage (at the time, it was mostly Puerto Ricans), I'd like to think that it isn't very prevalent today. But apparently I was wrong. Comedian Lisa Lampanelli gave a radio interview the other day and called her fellow Celebrity Apprentice contestant and former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza a "spic".


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I know that comedy is supposed to be funny, but where does Lisa get the nerve? Calling someone an ethnic slur is absolutely, positively, never ever Ok. I don't care if your job is to make fun of people, using an ethnic slur is offensive on every level and, beyond that, it's pretty much the lamest joke you can possibly fall back on. Did she really think it was funny to offend every Venezuelan--no, wait, every LATINO on the planet--by calling us all spics who get carelessly pregnant at an early age?

Oh yeah, that was the second lovely part of her insanely insensitive commentary. Not only did she call Dayana a spic, but she also said that she'll be "knocked up by the end of the week" because, you know, that's what all Latinas do, pop out them babies!

Apparently, in Lisa's backwards world, the only thing Latinas are good for is looking pretty and having babies. Does anyone else feel the sudden urge to hit her? Now, I do not believe in or support any kind of violence…but her comments have made my blood boil!

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After I picked my jaw off the floor (my initial reaction), the only thing I wanted to say to Lisa was STFU. She has really crossed the line here. Comedians are allowed to get away with a lot but there's racism is just not funny. In light of all this, I just want to send a small note to the comedian:

Dear Lisa, I wish you the best of luck on Celebrity Apprentice and with your comedy career, but please take this note with you to the grave: Do not under ANY circumstances ever call anyone a "spic" or any other racial slur ever again. Thanks, every non-white person in the world.

How did you react to Lisa Lampanelli's comments referring to Dayana Mendoza as a "spic"?

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