'Dancing with the Stars' Rock Week is rough on Melissa Gilbert, William Levy (VIDEOS)

Yesterday's competition on Dancing with the Stars was a rough one for the contestants and their pro partners. With the exception of Donald Driver, who improved from last week, all of the celebrity dancers received lower scores and saw a drop down the leader board. And it wasn't just the dances that were off -- everyone seemed to have an injury or some kind of struggle. In fact, Melissa Gilbert had to leave the live broadcast early to go to the hospital after she hit her head on the ballroom floor while dancing with partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy. So, what the heck was going on?

Well, it's obvious that all the rehearsing is having a toll on the contestant's bodies. Besides Gilbert's new injury, Maria Menounos, a favored contestant this season, also had problems dealing with stress fractures in her feet and hurt ribs.


And this week's theme "Rock Week," definitely didn't make it easy on anybody. Contestants had to match dances like the Paso Doble, the tango, and the jive to songs from KISS and Queen. Weird, right? Plus, as if that wasn't strange enough, the duos had to deal with over-the-top costumes with the ladies sporting long, caped dresses and the men (yes, even our favorite stud William Levy) rocking scary, Jagger-like guyliner. Levy's partner, Cheryl Burke, even lost her shoe!

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What does this mean for tonight's results show? One thing's for sure--with everyone being a hot mess this week, it's much harder to predict who will be going home. Though Gladys Knight scored the lowest, it seems like no one is really safe.

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Hopefully, next week's competition will bring better performances and some interesting twists. The show will be introducing the "Dance Duel" portion of the elimination where judges get to save one of the bottom two couples after watching them dance simultaneously. And since the judges have their favorite contestants just like everybody else (can you see Bruno ever sending eye candy, Levy, home? No way!), who knows what that will bring?

Watch Burke lose her shoe while dancing with Levy:

And Melissa Gilbert gets injured while on the floor:

Who do you think is going home on tonight's results show?

Images via ABC

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