Dear William: Stick to dancing salsa, rock doesn't seem to be your thing (VIDEO)

Yes, perhaps William Levy did not have his best night on Dancing with the Stars, but do we really care? The Cuban sensations is such a feast for the eyes that I truly don't think it's relevant if he lost his "timing," as the said the judges.

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That he was better dancing salsa and chachacha, no one can dispute that. He can not deny he has Caribbean blood running through his veins. But as the actor himself said in the midst of one of his sexy smiles when he was interviewed: "The idea is to move forward." Plus, I don't think you can argue that it wasn't hilarious to see him dressed as a rocker during rehearsals, sporting a black wig and tight leopard pants. I am sure it must have been as entertaining for you as it was for me. And to see his young son to supporting him, while enjoying the most comfortable seat in the world: the legs of his mother, actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez, was perhaps the most tender moment of the night.

Of course we do hope next week the novela actor, who's doing a great job representing Latinos in this dance competition, gets a higher score because even though he probably does not carry rock in his blood like the members of Kiss, I don't think he deserved a 22. That was unfair, right?

Image via ABC

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