Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend Casper Smart is the luckiest birthday boy in the world

Jennifer Lopez sure knows how to treat her man right!

This weekend was her dancer boyfriend Casper Smart's 25th Birthday and she helped him celebrate the milestone birthday with a private dinner party and a custom-made truck!

That's right, JLo is pretty much the best girlfriend EVER and Casper is definitely the luckiest man in the world. The Latina superstar proved her lust love for her dancer beau with a lovely customized white Dodge Ram truck for his birthday.


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I think I'm going to have to try to date J.Lo next. Not only does Casper appear in her sexy new music video for "Dance Again", her latest single featuring Cuban rapper Pitbull, but he's being showered with gifts. The birthday boy better be thanking his lucky stars that he's got such a generous girlfriend.

Besides his gifts, La Lopez also tweeted birthday wishes to her beau, twice!

"Beau has a birthday we're so glad hope its the happiest birthday Beau ever has...etc." :) #singingtweet HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@BEAUcasperSMART "Beau has a birthday we're so glad we hope its the happiest Birthday Beau ever has!" #singingtweet. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAR!!!

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She certainly seems excited for his birthday and he looked pretty happy with the gift, driving it on the way to his birthday dinner. I wonder if he'll repay the generous gift when her birthday comes around in July? For now I'm sure he's just enjoying her present--I know I would!

Have you ever given your boyfriend or husband a really generous gift? What do you think of JLo's gift of a car for her boyfriend's birthday?

Image via Splash News