Sofia Vegara rocks the accent(s) on SNL (VIDEOS)

Colombian comedian--yes I am calling her a comedian--Sofia Vergara hosted her first episode of Saturday Night Live last night, and as expected, she played up the accent, but in this case, in a really funny way.

I was a little skeptical going in but despite the fact that Sofia seemed to be in more of the commercials than the actual show (Pepsi, Kmart, The Three Stooges), the Modern Family star was genuinely funny. Her opening monologue set the tone of the evening. "Forgive me if you don't understand what I say--and I'll forgive you for staring at my chest the whole night." (I mean the pink heels and black leather corset was some outfit)

But it wasn't just her Colombian accent that the actress used for laughs, as a matter of fact it turns out she can do other famous accents!


Like Fran Drescher!

See, I knew she could do more than just play up her natural accent. Sofia nailed Fran's laugh and accent while looking a lot better in leopard than The Nanny star ever did.

While I don't think the new SNL girl did a great job playing Penelope Cruz, this skit where Sofia and Penelope Cruz film a Pantene commercial and Penelope struggles with her accent was pretty funny:

And finally, just because it was funny, the SNL crew (and musical guest One Direction) helped Sofia spoof a staple of Spanish TV--the talk show, with the Manuel Ortiz Show:

Good job Sofia! Hopefully we will see you again soon!

What did you think of Sofia's performance?

Image via NBC

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