Marc Anthony has a bad day at work on tonight's season finale of 'Q'Viva'

Some days your job just stinks, even if your job is international superstar and sex symbol. Just ask Marc Anthony, who by the looks of tonight's season finale of Q'Viva: The Chosen, hates his co-works as much as we all do sometimes.


People has a clip of Marc, Jennifer Lopez and co-star Jamie King fighting about the budget, and the final talent, for the Q'Viva live show in Las Vegas that the now-divorced couple is going to headline.

So a couple of observations: One, I don't know why everyone says that Jennifer is the diva when clearly, Marc has his own diva streak, at one point asking "What the f*ck am I doing here" when his collegues (ahem, Jennifer) seem to disagree with him. He also at one point exclaims "screw the numbers" about the budget for the live show that is causing the issues in the first place. I guess after years of getting whatever he wants, Marc isn't used to being told no.

Second, everytime he says "Jennifer" you get a little glimpse into their relationship. To me, there is so much emotion packed into that "Jennifer" it is hard to ignore, kind of like when my own man and I fight--when we call each other by our first names it is more like a weapon, like the smack you would like to give each other but don't

Finally, TV shows are just like all our jobs! Who among us hasn't had to sit in a meeting and try to reach a compromise that you don't wan to reach, with people who you just no longer want to talk to, in a room you just don't want to sit in anymore.

I feel your pain Marc, I feel your pain.

Q'Viva: The Choosen ends tonight at 11 p.m. on FOX

What do you think: Is Marc just having a bad day?

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