The hottest new MLB stars to watch for! (PHOTOS)

I love baseball season! It means the gorgeous, warm weather is just around the corner (they don't call 'em the boys of summer for nothing). But it also means that my husband basically has something to occupy himself with for the next 6 months straight. And I get some serious eye candy.

He's a baseball NUT, just like my father (well, actually, just like a ton of Latino men)! My dad was the one who raised me to be such a hard-core baseball fan, one of my earliest memories is Papi telling me, "You are a New York Yankees fan, Ok?" In our family, we bleed the Yankee pinstripes--I always know what's happened during the off-season and the most anticipated new prospects who have joined the team.

So. this season, for your reading pleasure, I wanted to share the hottest new Latin players who have joined the MLB recently, with an emphasis on the "hot" (wink, wink). You can thank me later! 


Happy opening weekend!

Gio Gonzalez, 26--Cuban Pitcher for the Washington Nationals

Jesus Montero, 22--Venezuelan Catcher for the Seattle Mariners 

Julio Teheran, 21--Colombian Pitcher for the Atlanta Braves

Sean Rodriguez, 26--Cuban Shortstop for the Tampa Bay Rays

Yoenis Cespedes, 26--Cuban Outfielder for the Oakland Athletics

Are you a baseball (player) fan? Who's your favorite?

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