Jennifer Lopez's new video 'Dance Again' featuring Pitbull just premiered on American Idol!

Jennifer Lopez just teased all of her fans with a preview of her new video for "Dance Again", featuring Cuban rapper Pitbull and her dancer boyfriend Casper Smart

As Ryan Seacrest introduced the video on American Idol, Jennifer desribed the video as "fun and dancey and full of joy" with a message that is very close to her heart. But when Ryan grilled her about whether she had any special chemistry with the dancers, she paused, laughed and just said "it's a good video" before we were finally sucked into the sexy must-watch video by the Latina superstar. 


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The video was, in one word, HOT. 

Ryan really wasn't kidding about that "special chemistry" JLo must have felt with sensual dancer Casper. Beginning covered from head to toe in gold glitter and bathed in a red light, Jennifer sang and danced with the sexy man. 

They both looked great and Jenny from the Block proved once more why she's on top and why she's such a great judge on American Idol. And as she sang "I love to make love to you, baby", looking right at Casper, I got a little sweaty. It was just all so sensual and beautiful as they switched from looking like their normal selves to the gorgeous glitter-covered versions of themselves. Meanwhile, Mr. Worldwide came on for his part--dressed in an amazing black and white bowtie suit combo--while JLo tied the "love is blind" strip over Casper's eyes. 

But just as it was getting hot and heavy, the video stopped!

It was just an extended tease, it turns out, as the video ended early and simply said "to be continued". Well, I loved what I saw--and I'm happy that the full version is now available online. Take a look at the full-length sexy video: 

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What did you think of the new Jennifer Lopez video "Dance Again", featuring Pitbull?

Image via Jennifer Lopez