Adorable photobombing sloth makes me want to move to Costa Rica! (PHOTO)

A group of tourists in Costa Rica got an adorable surprise when a sloth dropped down from a nearby tree and interrupted their picture-taking. In what is probably the world's best--or at least cutest--photobomb, the sloth hangs upside down, covering the faces of the posing visitors and resulting in this hilarious photo.


Ahh! Look at that face! Those big brown eyes! Seriously, is that not one of the sweetest things you've ever seen? It even looks like he's smiling!

I already love sloths because they're so adorable and laidback, not to mention that they're native to Central and South American, which is amazing. But this particular one has really captured my heart. Though sloths are known for being sluggish and lazy, clearly he just can't resist hamming it up for a camera. I bet he'd be great in a movie, especially since so many animal-based films take place in exotic locations. Hollywood, take note: We have a real-life animal star on our hands!

Seriously though, looking at this picture, all I want to do is book a flight to Costa Rica so I can go play with some sloths. Anyone else with me?

What do you think of this picture?

Image via asirap/flickr