Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony reunite for performance in Q'Viva! concert

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are reuniting! Well, for one night anyway. The duo announced that they'll perform together May 26th in Las Vegas as part of their talent reality show, Q'Viva!: The Chosen Live.

Both members of the former couple are executive producers of the FOX show, along with American Idol creator Simon Fuller and the show's director, Jamie King. The top 52 artists from the competition will also perform in the Q'Viva! concert at Mandalay Bay Events Center.

But though some are in disbelief that the exes can still work together, Anthony says working side by side with Lopez is natural and that no bad blood remains between the two.


"Thank God that's not the case, obviously. Maybe if that was the case, it would've been different," he told the AP about the project.  "But, that's why I can tell you it was a wonderful experience all the way around."

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I'm actually looking forward to seeing their performance. With all the drama and ugliness that originally surrounded their separation, it's kind of nice to see them put aside their differences and work together for the sake of both their professional and personal lives (the two share custody of twins, Max and Emme).  And it's especially refreshing these days, when sadly, it's rare to see this kind of maturity in the celebrity world.

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Besides, though their performance is sure to be good, it's really just an added bonus to a concert that is worth watching anyway since it'll feature tons of talented Latino artists from all around the world! How often do we get to see THAT on a national network?!

Will you be watching the concert?

Image via Fox

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