Shocker! Sofia Vergara's SNL gig is going to be all about accents and boobs...

I like Sofia Vergara, I really do. As proof here are 5 things I think are great about her, in no particular order:

1) She makes the best faces and she is not afraid to look ugly for a joke.
2) She is driven and she doesn't give up, as evidenced by all the terrible shows she tried to make work before Modern Family.
3) She doesn't seem to be a diva.
4) She says crazy stuff that is in no way true, specifically about her native Colombia, but she doesn't do crazy stuff like date a teenager and get divorced all the time (ahem, J. Lo)
5) She is FUNNY!

But there are two things about her that just make my eyes roll and sadly, in the new promos for her Saturday Night Live hosting gig this weekend, she is doing both of them.


UGH!! Why can't she make a joke that isn't about her accent or about sex? COME ON!

How often does a Latina get to host SNL? After looking at mind-numbingly long list on IMDB, only twice before, and they are exactly the two you think they are: Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz (with Mariah, Shakira and Christina all making musical guest appearances). And this is how she wants to use her time? Making more jokes about being misunderstood all the time and not having sex with ugly guys? (Sorry Jason, you just aren't my type).

SNL hosting gigs can be huge for stars, especially if they shine. Sofia, if you can read this, since you are still in rehersal, please, please, please do something else than this promo suggests you are going to do. Be the Latina Tina Fey (wait, that is actually Aubrey Plaza), channel your inner Justin Timberlake and just be funny and outrageous and unexpected.

I'm going to be watching. And if you want the rest of us to be too, you need to step it up, chica.

What do you think? Is this whole playing up the accent thing old or still funny?

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