Amazing parrots prove that animals really do talk! (VIDEOS)

At times, animals can be as cute and cuddly as young children are. But I bet you didn't know they could speak in the same babble-y language as kids too! In this pretty amazing video, two parrots are recorded having what looks like a legitimately serious discussion.

OK, so they kind of sound like Sim characters with their incoherent squeaks but how adorable they are? Seriously, their conversation looks intense. They tilt and nod their heads and at one point, they even stop and kiss! Aww, maybe they're mates?


I don't know why but for some reason, the whole thing just makes me laugh!  I've always wondered if animals are genuinely talking when they make sounds like that-- whenever one of my dogs starts whining and barking at the other, I swear they look right at one another and it's like they're actually conversing!! But, the "discussion" between these parrots is even funnier. Maybe it's because I can practically picture what they're saying, especially with their head motions. Like, "Look honey, these people are watching us again, let's just be cute for the camera so they'll go away."

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Plus is it just me or does it seem as if their conversation skills are better than tons of people I see on TV (cough, Kristin Stewart, cough. Just kidding…sort of!)? Either way, they're so cute, it doesn't really matter what they were talking about!

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What do you think these animals are saying to each other? Do your pets "talk?"

Image via YouTube