Parents "Silverstone" their kids in hilarious Jimmy Kimmel YouTube Challenge (VIDEO)

Remember that gross video of Alicia Silverstone feeding her son by chewing up the food first and then passing it to him mouth-to-mouth? The world went crazy after watching that clip (originally posted on her blog), taking to Twitter and other social media sites to discuss if the act is beneficial or just plain disgusting.  And now, Jimmy Kimmel is getting on the action with another of his infamous YouTube Challenges, this one entitled "Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Silverstoned My Kid."


In the challenge, Kimmel asked parents to copy Silverstone's actions by serving their kids chewed-up food, taping their reactions, and putting the video up on YouTube. The results? Absolute hilarity! The final clip aired on the show shows child after child literally gasping and recoiling in horror and disgust as their parents tell them their food has been, uhh, pre-masticated.

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"No!!!" one kid screams, throwing his arm over his mouth as his mom implores him to take a bite. "Ew, did you chew it?" says another.

But, my personal favorite reaction is one right in the middle of video in which an adolescent girl simply looks at the food, shoots her mom an annoyed look and asks "What is this, another Jimmy Kimmel thing?" When the mom says yes, she quickly declares: "Hi Jimmy Kimmel--you suck!"

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Haha! Oh my god, I don't even know how I'd react if my parents had tried to pull that on me when I was younger –probably in the same revolted manner. These poor kids!  Guess this is what happens when parents are the pranksters, instead of vice versa.

Watch the whole hysterical video:

How would your kids react if you pulled this prank on them?

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