Elimination Tuesday 'The Voice,' 'Idol' & 'DWTS': How do you choose which to watch?

Tuesday night is results night for three of the biggest reality competition shows on TV, which is a BIG problem for those of us who are fans of all three! WithThe Voice, American Idol, and Dancing with the Stars all airing their elimination rounds simultaneously, the audience is forced to pick one and then scramble to find out what happened on other two. So, what's an avid viewer like me to do? And how the hell am I supposed to get all my results in just one short night?

Having been a longtime fan of Dancing with the Stars, getting hooked on The Voice last season posed an issue: Which do I watch?! And with Latina contestant Jessica Sanchez on this season of Idol, I can't help but tune in to root for her too (Hey, don't judge me—these shows are addicting!)  So while I pretty much avoid TV every other night of the week, Mondays and Tuesdays are jam-packed.


So how can anyone balance it all? Well, you could attempt to avoid newspapers, TVs, Facebook, Twitter, and all computers in general until the next night when you get home and are able to watch them all on demand or with the help of your TiVo. But, if your job is like mine and requires you to be online or you simply can't resist any of the above, this is pretty much impossible.

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You could forgo all three shows altogether and pick up a damn book instead. If I didn't get so much reading time on my daily commute already (seriously, my Nook and my Barnes & Noble membership card are both begging me for a break), I would probably do this myself. In fact, for those of you who haven't yet read The Hunger Games, I absolutely demand that you go with this option.

Or if you need to know what happens NOW, like I usually do, you could just go with my personal method, which is flipping back and forth between The Voice and Dancing with the Stars. This is easy to do because quite frankly, these show's elimination episodes are absolutely crammed with random time-filler performances that have little to do with the actual show. And since I'm slightly enthusiastic about American Idol, I normally just catch up on the show by watching the performances of my favorite contestants and the results the next day on YouTube.  Just swap in whichever of these shows you're most passionate about and voila!

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And last not but least, we can all also just keeping hoping that the networks work on their timing for next season. Don't they know there are other equally available days of the week?! Seriously guys, it's time to spread the love.

Which of these shows is your favorite to watch?

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