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Victor Cruz loves the new NFL uniforms and so do neon-wearing Seattle Seahawks

Apparently I'm not the only one excited about the unveiling of the new Nike NFL uniforms! Latino hottie (and salsa king) Victor Cruz, of the Super Bowl champion New York Giants, is loving the new uniforms as well.

He posted an adorable photo dancing with a lucky lady reporter at the uniform's unveiling yesterday. Victor said that the new Nike Football uniforms are "great for football and salsa!" The new uniforms are sleeker and more form-fitting--what I'm loving about them is how much sexier they'll make him look on the field.

The uniforms aren't looking too different, though, except for a noticeable addition of neon accents in the Seattle Seahawks uniforms--something which they requested from Nike. Is it possible they were inspired by Jennifer Lopez?


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Although the new uniforms aren't too crazy (except for the strips of neon on the Seahawks) , since the NFL's predominantly conservative team owners had final say on the design. But the Nike Elite 51 are evolutionary in their use of lighter fabrics, a more contoured fit and four-way stretch materials. As Victor puts it:

The unis conform and fit your body. They're tight. You can't get pulled or snagged on. That's the biggest thing for me: making sure that I'm sleek and I'm fast and I can't be grabbed or held.

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A tight uniform is exactly what the legions of female Victor Cruz fans wanted anyway. Can we help it if the man is H-O-T? Although I usually try to catch some of the Super Bowl, he was definitely the most exciting part of watching this year (well, besides those sexy H&M ads with David Beckham). And maybe these sleeker uniforms can help the NY Giants win again—and we'll get to see of Victor's sexy salsa. That's definitely what we all want anyway, isn't it?

What do you think of Victor Cruz showing off a little more in the form-fitting new NFL uniforms?

Images via Victor Cruz/facebook, NFL

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