Orphaned baby manatee makes me want to cry

So I was innocently flipping through the Internet today when I came across this ridiculously over-the-top photo of a baby manatee obviously hamming it up!

OMG, I know, right?! First of all, this cuteness shouldn't even be legal. It's like really manatee, dial it down. Second of all, who are these people with these incredible jobs like caring for orphaned baby manatees and adorable Galapagos seals (oh, and please call me)?

Now the sad part: this poor little princess was orphaned in the Amazon. Brazilian conservationists came across this little 2-month old baby near the body of its dead mother. Sniffle, sniffle--depressing, right?


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But, the happy part is that even though caretakers are keeping her healthy and taking care of her now, they are eventually preparing to return it to the wild. So, eventually, little orphan Annie (that's the name I just made up for her right now) should be able to lead as normal a life as the next Amazonian manatee. Yay!

Here's another pic in case one dose of insane cuteness wasn't enough for you:

Clearly, her caretakers also read the new study about how formula isn't so bad for little babies after all!

How cute is this baby manatee?