Are YouTube videos of drugged up kids funny? Yes, ma'am! (VIDEOS)

If you or your kids have ever had their wisdom teeth removed, then you know that the effects of the anesthesia after the surgery are not pretty. So what's the modern day parent's solution to this? Taping it and putting it on YouTube of course! Parents and friends have taken to recording the reaction of oral surgery patients after they've woken up and the results are, well, interesting to say the least.

Take this girl who, as seen in the video below, is so delirious that she becomes convinced she's a wizard! After being put in a wheelchair and taken to the car, the girl looks around bewilderly as if she has no idea where she is. As her mother asks her questions, she gets increasingly panicked. "I don't remember!!" she wails when asked where she lives. Soon, though she comes up with an answer that explains everything.


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"Hogwarts!" she says. "I'm a wizard!"


But she's not the only child to have been recorded post wisdom teeth removal. There are tons of videos on YouTube that capture similar reactions! So are these videos actually funny or just plain mean? 

Personally, I think they're hysterical. OK, maybe it's a little mean to take advantage of someone who's clearly not at their best and is bound to say something embarrassing. But, for the most part, these clips are just funny. At least it brings a few laughs to an otherwise painful and sucky situation (hey, wisdom teeth removal hurts)!

Besides, wouldn't you be a little curious to seeing what your own reaction was like? I know I would! I got my wisdom teeth taken out only a few months ago and by the time I woke up, I was so confused that I barely remember anything that happened in the 15-25 minutes immediately following the surgery. However, my mom--who picked me up--definitely got a few laughs, according to what she's told me and I think it would have been hysterical to see what I said during my anesthesia-driven rant!

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Have you or your kids ever experienced the after effects of anesthesia?

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