Baby gets pranked by dad on his first April Fools Day! (VIDEO)

This past weekend was April Fools Day and though I warned parents to watch out for their kid's pranks, it looks like moms and dads weren't the only ones getting fooled! In this extremely cute video, baby Caleb got more than he bargained for when he experienced his first April Fools prank this year.  


As seen in the clip, Caleb is resting quietly on his father's lap when Dad drops the bomb that they're out of milk and formula and won't be able to get any for two weeks. Though I was pretty sure that Caleb is way too young to really understand what his dad was saying, it seems like he gets it, since almost instantly, his adorable little face scrunches up and he starts crying!

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As his father tries to reassure him, he continues to wail from apparent dismay until finally his dad confesses. "It was a joke!" he says and once again, the effect is weirdly instantaneous as Caleb stops crying and his eyes widen in shock. Finally, he begins outright giggling, as he's totally in on the gag.

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The whole clip is amazing and hysterical, especially since Caleb could pass for a Gerber baby with all that cuteness. Watch for yourself here:

Have you ever played a prank on your child?

Image via YouTube