Battle of the heartthrobs: Gavin DeGraw vs. William Levy on 'Dancing with the Stars!' Who will win?

Every season of Dancing with the Stars has a couple of clear fan favorites. Whether it's because of their sparkling charisma or killer good looks, the audience always rallies around a few special contestants who have somehow managed to win over the hearts. This year, the two male performers with the most passionate group of followers are obvious: Latino stud William Levy and soulful crooner Gavin DeGraw.

Though the two are extremely different, they've each been able to gain favor amongst the show's viewers, particularly after stepping up their game in last night's episode. Both Levy and DeGraw earned their highest scores yet, with Levy and partner Cheryl Burker's sexy salsa scoring a 29 out of 30 and DeGraw and Karina Smirnoff's celebratory rumba earning a 24.


The night was an emotional one as contestants were asked to base the mood of their dances off of the most memorable year of their lives. Levy chose the year he and his family moved to the US while DeGraw recalled the year he first realized he wanted to be a singer after attending a Billy Joel concert. The judges were stunned by DeGraw's progress, with Carrie Ann Inaba even stating that her heart went "all fluttery" for him.  

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Which brings me to my next point! Their quickly improving dance skills aren't the only thing Levy and DeGraw having going for them--both are considered heartthrobs in their own right. While Levy is the obvious hottie straight out of a telenovela plot (literally), DeGraw is the sensitive and emotional musician.

So who will end up making it to the finals? I personally am a huge fan of both contestants. DeGraw has long since been one of my favorite musicians and Levy won me over with not only his inarguable good looks, but also his adorable fatherly side.

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But though I wish both could be winners, only one can take home that prized Mirror Ball Trophy! Who will it be? I think Levy's natural rhythm and fanatic following will eventually end up giving him the upper hand, but don't place any bets just yet! DeGraw could easily surprise everyone again, especially since Smirnoff says he's really working on his romantic side. Guess we'll have to watch to see how it all plays out!

Have you been watching Dancing with the Stars? Which of these male performers is your favorite?  

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