William Levy earns his highest score yet with super hot salsa on 'Dancing with the Stars!' (VIDEO)

William Levy brought true Latino flavor to the ballroom with his super hot salsa on tonight's episode of Dancing with the Stars. The  Cuban actor and partner Cheryl Burke brought a roaring audience to their feet and earned their highest score yet, a 28 out of 30. 

Dancing to "La Vida es un Carnival" by Celia Cruz, a shirtless Levy (FINALLY!!) shook his hips like there was no tomorrow, causing even conservative judge Len Goodman to applaud him. 

"You conquered the salsa," Goodman said.


The episode was not only sizzling, but also much more personal for all the stars, with the  theme being "Most Memorable Year." Contestants were asked to base the mood of their dances off of an important period from their own lives. Levy chose to use his dance to represent 1995, the year he and his family moved to the US.

"You have no future in Cuba. We grew up very poor, we were like 8 people living in one house," said Levy when asked why his family wanted to move to America. "Can you imagine living on $20 a month?"

Having arrived in the US, Levy recalls being amazed by the food. "I had never seen an apple before so I was amazed by the apples," he said. He also remembers mistaking butter for ice cream and being shocked that it didn't melt immediately. Aww! 

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Levy and Burke are now in 2nd place, falling only one point behind Mark Ballas and Katherine Jenkins who again did exceptionally well, earning a 29 out of 30. Other top contenders include Maria Menounos and Derek Hough, who danced a slower version of the rumba, scoring a 27. 

Watch Levy and Burke's version of the salsa here:

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