Hilarious 5-year-old comedian tells parents they're too lazy! (VIDEO)

Meet the world's funniest 5-year-old: Isaiah Fredericks aka Zay Zay. In this absolutely hilarious YouTube video "Lazy Parents," Zay Zay delivers a comedic monologue worthy of SNL. Calling out moms and dads who dole out Lunchables and instant oatmeal instead of homemade food, Zay Zay hysterically accuses parents these days of being too lazy.

"Parents, stop making us get everything," he mock whispers after the clip shows him running back and forth to fetch things for his dad. "We're not your slaves."


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The video, which shows Zay Zay sporting an adorable red bowtie and has a couple cameos from his younger brother, has gotten over 58,000 hits on YouTube.  And though his dad, comedian Kevin Fredericks, wrote, filmed and edited the whole thing, the delivery is all in the hands of the very charismatic and loveable Zay Zay. Seriously, this kid's timing and presentation is pure mini-genius. I think it's safe to say he has as a bright future in show biz.

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Watch Zay Zay's entertaining performance here:

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Image via YouTube