Happy April Fools! Parents should watch out for kid's crazy pranks! (VIDEOS)

It's almost April Fool's Day and you know what means--parents better watch out since your children are probably scheming up a crazy prank right this second!

In fact, I myself used to love playing tricks on my poor mom who--bless her innocent soul--is as gullible as they come. One of my favorites was the time my sister and I hid a fake plastic lizard in her laundry. All I remember is standing in the room, watching anxiously as she put her hand in the hamper and...jeez, I have never heard someone scream that loud!

Um, note to Mom: it's New York, we don't even have lizards! Haha! 


These days though, the pranks are bigger and badder! Whether it's dumping water on their parent's head or covering their cars with post-its, kids are pulling out all the stops. And the best part? They're putting it all on YouTube so the world can watch!

In an ode to the holiday, we rounded up some of the best April Fools Day pranks kids have pulled on their parents. Watch and prepare for what might be coming at your house!

Kids scare the hell out of their dad by faking a crime scene:

Son fakes expulsion from college for drugs


Son pranks Dad not one, not two, but THREE ways!

Daughter stages robbery in house

Fake College Dropout

Image via YouTube

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