'Smash' is a hit and it makes this Mami happy!

When I moved to this country back in 1997 I got addicted to sitcoms. It was the one thing that could actually detach me from life problems, work problems, relationship problems, money problems...Just one episode of Seinfeld, and for 30 awesome minutes I didn't have to think about any of them.

11 PM re-runs where my thing. I could watch an hour of TV, get a couple of laughs and pretend that I was happy even if I truly wasn't. My sitcom therapy that eventually turned into TV series therapy and I became addicted to The Sopranos. Even though it wasn't as funny, the characters had far more serious problems than I did, so it made me feel better about my troubles.


So, it's no surprise that I've been anxiously waiting for Smash since I first heard about it last summer. I had high hopes when I first saw the trailer and the cast and it certainly didn't disappoint. I was pleasantly surprised with the pilot and even more with the following episodes. No show is perfect, but this one raises my spirits like no show has in a very long time.

Smash is very well written, the main characters are instantly likable and the music is amazing.

The other day a friend of mine said to me that she totally prefers Glee and I didn't agree. I love Glee don't get me wrong--but this is a different league. I know many people hate Broadway musicals--I can only get my Dad, my daughter or my gay friends to go catch a show with me--but give me some live music and feathers and you will instantly put a smile in my face.

It might be harder to convince people who don't like musicals, since this is indeed a show based on that behind-the-scenes world, but here's the thing: The two leading girls (Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty) are born performers who can sing and dance with full emotion so when you are watching them it's like you're getting an uninterrupted, unique and personal performance.

And in any case, I rarely write about TV shows but this one makes me feel compelled to. I am a Mexican who loves musicals but finds them far too expensive so this show is perfect for me. I feel like I am in the theater every single episode. I think this show is accessible to those who may not be as familiar with theater, too.

So here's to one hour a week that detaches me from my life and takes me to a far away land that allows me to forget it all with some good songs.

Give one episode an opportunity and let me know if you agree with me or you think I am absolutely crazy!

Do you watch Smash?

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