Jose Canseco's Twitter global warming rant is the latest in long string of crazy antics

Fromer MLB outfielder, Jose Canseco, is famous for his controversial days as a professional athlete, but as evidenced from his recent Twitter rant, baseball isn't his only passion.

Canseco took to Twitter yesterday to announce that he would be discussing global warming with his followers the next. Sure enough, this morning, the Cuban ball player unleashed a load of information about global warming, including the importance of recycling to polar bears, the need to wear flannel pajamas as a way to conserve energy, and oh yeah, the apparent death of Al Gore.

"Al gore was a head of his time. I miss him rest in peace buddy hug for u," he wrote. Eventually, he must have wised up and realized that Gore is still very much alive, since he followed up with "sorry al you need to make some more noise .Keep fighting for us i believe in your and i am with you."



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Sigh. OK, clearly, the man is no expert. But I guess he had good intentions? Anyway, this is far from Canseco's first public misstep. Below, a few other cases in which he displayed, uhh, questionable behavior:

  1. In 2009, he released a book called "Juiced" that basically said 85 percent of major league players used banned substances. This was after he was found using anabolic steroids in 2005.
  2. Earlier this month, he was suspended from the Mexican League after allegedly refusing to undergo a doping test. Mexican League president Plinio Escalantes said that refusing the test is treated the same as testing positive.
  3. He also used Twitter to challenge Shaquille O'Neal (who is probably a foot taller and at least 100 pounds heavier) to a mixed martial arts fight. "Where should i dance with @SHAQ .vegas, new york, la, miami ?" he wrote. He also tweeted at Donald Trump, asking if he wants to hold the fight at "his place."
  4. He is begging for another job in MLB. Publically. Around the time of his global warming rant, Canseco tweeted (seriously, what's with him and Twitter?) "I saw bluejays signed 45 year old Omar vizquel. I'm only 47 with plenty of power and free." And he also wrote to Magic Johnson on the social media site, saying, "congrats on buying dodgers need a 1b or pinch hitter of the bench? Will play for free. Will donate salary charity"   Wait… he will play for free AND donate his salary to charity? Huh?
  5. He has no idea his behavior is totally crazy, even though his friends are fed up. In fact, his antics inspired Steve Kettman, the co-author on his book, to write a harsh blog on the Huffington Post, begging him to "hang it up." "Stop humiliating yourself! You are 47! You are never, ever going to play again in the Major Leagues! You are never even going to get near a Major League ballpark except as a fan -- ever!" He also called him a "cartoon character." Ouch. But, surprisingly, Canseco didn't respond through Twitter.

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But in all seriousness, it probably would be best if the former baseball player just kept a low profile from now on. He's definitely not gaining any fans with his increasingly strange behavior. I might even suggest that he delete his Twitter account altogether…but just think of all that comedy gold we would miss. Plus, where will the public go if they have questions about polar bears?

 Are you a Canseco fan? What do you think of his weird actions?

Images via Getty Images, Jose Canseco/twitter

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