Jennifer Lopez's kids are about as well behaved as yours! (VIDEO)

Looks like Jennifer Lopez's son, Max, was having a pretty bad day yesterday.  After the American Idol judge arrived at the airport with her kids and boyfriend Casper Smart in tow, Max twisted out of her grasp and tried to make a break for it.

Lopez tries to talk to Max as they're getting out of the car, but he is clearly not having it. Apparently not wanting to deal with the drama, the toddler runs towards the terminal as fast as his little legs can take him. But alas, he doesn't get very far. Within seconds, one of Lopez's beefy bodyguards stops him and carries him back to his waiting mommy.


Hahaha, aww, poor little Max! It must be tough dealing with the spotlight that comes from having a mega superstar as a parent.

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Really though, I'm pretty sure every mom on the planet wishes they had their own bodyguard to constantly chase after their kids. I mean, Lopez and Smart make absolutely no moves to try and catch Max in this clip. You know why? Because they know it will be taken care of!  How nice must that be?! J.Lo can't even help but giggle a little at her escape artist.

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I know my mom could've definitely used that with me when I was younger. I had asthma problems but that didn't stop me from being my hyper little self and constantly running around like a maniac. My poor mother spent so much time making sure I didn't stray away from her while outside or in the supermarket or store. Clearly, J.Lo doesn't have much of an issue dealing with that! Ah, the life of a celebrity. 

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Image via TMZ

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