6 great quotes from Latina celebs on Twitter that will make you laugh & cry

We love following our favorite Latina celebs on Twitter because it keeps us updated and gives us a peek into their real personalities.

We rounded up a few of our favorite recent Twitter musings--some are super funny, some are wise, but all are worthy of being passed on to you. Here are some of our favorite Tweets, taken straight from the personal accounts of our fave Latina celebrities!



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1. "Pregnancy is a very sacred, beautiful stage for a woman.... It has to be admired and respected" - Adriana Lima, super model, wife, mom and Victoria's Secret Angel @adrianalima

2. "Damn you reality shows that make me cry" - [referring to The Voice] Kristina Guerrero, E! host, @Kristina2000

3. "Someone just asked me how was work, I forget what I do is work but when it's what you love...it's living your dream" -Jennifer Lopez, actress/singer/mom/superwoman, @JLo

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4. "I just saved a ladybug's lfe...I think it will be a good day!" - Shakira, singer/activist, @shakira

5. "Haz que tu sonrisa cambie el mundo...no que el mundo combie tu sonrisa!!" "Let your smile change the world, don't let the world change your smile." - Barbara Bermudo, Primer Impacto Univision Host, @barbara_bermudo

6. "I just want to lose weight while staying in bed, watching TV & eating Girl Scout cookies. I that really too much to ask?"- Daisy Fuentes, TV host/model/real woman, @daisyfuentes

Who are your favorite Latinas to follow on Twitter?

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